Who We Are

For those of you who recall the exhilaration of that crisp response your Mossbarger Reed Valve added to your 2 stroke, we are pleased to inform you that Mossbarger is back! Effective August 10, 1999 Mossbarger Racing Products Inc. of Marysville, Ohio sold its Reed Valve Manufacturing business to Mossbarger Racing Products LLC of Berlin, New Jersey. Mossbarger has been serving the Racing Industry since the 1970's and Mossbarger LLC intends to continue the tradition of manufacturing quality parts that truly make a difference. The Berlin, NJ facility will continue with the manufacture and supply of reliable, Power Groove Reed Valve Assemblies, and associated parts that are trusted by weekend riders as well as racing teams. Mossbarger LLC is upgrading all existing products to the current model year for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha 2 stroke engines. New Product Development has already begun to include Power Groove Reed Valve Assemblies for Mopeds, Jet Skis', Outboard Engines and Snowmobiles. Please keep in mind that the Mossbarger Racing Engines for Karts will continue to operate from Marysville, Ohio.

Why should I use the Mossbarger Power Groove Reed Cage? How will it improve my engine?

These are viable questions that need to be answered with facts and proof provided through testing. First, the Mossbarger Power Groove Reed will improve the engine power throughout the entire RPM range, because it flows more air at any given RPM than the stock or any of the other after market reeds. This means better low-end power out of turns, and more mid and top-end speed for the straightaway. Secondly, the Mossbarger Power Groove Reed will make the engine start easier, idle smoother, and engine easier to tune. This is due to the higher air velocity (speed) and added airflow provided by the design of the reed cage.

Reed Valve for 250cc Airflow (CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute)
**Mossbarger Power Groove Reed Valve** 71.40 CFM
Boysen Rad Valve 64.68 CFM
FMF Reed Cage 53.26 CFM
Honda TRX 250R 54.60 CFM
Suzuki LT250 59.60 CFM

(All tests were performed at 10 inches of water pressure and room ambient temperatures, to best simulate atmospheric conditions)

Now onto the HOW of the Mossbarger Reed Cage, and WHY it works.

1.) The cage design is very important, the Mossbarger "Power Grooves" channel the air through the cage faster and with less drag, thus reducing flow robbing restrictions of conventional cages. Also, the "Roto-Finish" on the cage surfaces improves flow over other surface finishes.

2.) The Reed petal design and petal material is a very big part in how well the unit works, and is so often an overlooked factor. The Mossbarger "Petal Design" is a long, narrow style petal that is flexible and light in weight, for instant petal response and for more flow area. The Mossbarger "Reed Material" has steadily been improved since it was first introduced in the late sixties. It is the best known material for fast response, horsepower, and long petal life. This material is always trying to be copied, from original equipment manufacturers, to other after market companies.

3.) Reed stops are a must for any reed valve to work properly. The Reed stop controls the petal opening and closing time for efficient operation. The stop keeps the petal from opening too far and taking too much time to close, allowing for more airflow, and power. The Reed stop is similar to a valve-spring in a 4-cycle engine, it closes the valve on the seat. The Mossbarger "Reed Stop" is a solid design that helps increase the crankcase pressure for more power.

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