Proper Carburetor and Reed Selection

The proper racing Reed cage should provide as much airflow as possible, and the following Reed cage characteristics:

  • Long narrow easy-opening petals and high air speed
  • NO inserts, boosters, or stuffers as they cut the air speed killing the total airflow.
  • NO wings, bars, or airfoils inside the cage. This causes longer airflow distance, which slows the speed and restricts movement of air.
  • Provide the Reed cage with the largest amount of air at the highest speed. More flow truly means more go!

Recommended Carburetor Sizes

Engine Carburetors
80cc 26/28mm
125cc 34/35mm
250cc 35/36mm
500cc 36/38mm

Jetting Info and Process

When installing our Reed cages, the engine will generally run "RICH" on the low end, due to the increased air/fuel flow from our more efficient design. The following jetting guide will start you off in the right direction.

  1. Lower the pilot jet size by 1 or 2 sizes smaller.
  2. Raise the main jet by 1 or 2 sizes larger. (Note: these steps are very important in that, if you lean the pilot, you must richen the main jet. This keeps the same amount of fuel going to the engine.)
  3. The pilot jet is the correct size when the engine pulls hard in the lower ranges, and runs crisp and clean.
  4. The main jet is correct when the engine runs smooth, lean, and clean in the upper RPM ranges. A two-stroke runs better with a richer jet setting. (Note: the sparkplug should have a DARK BROWN color on the insulator.)