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Mossbarger is Back

For those of you who recall the exhilaration of that crisp response your Mossbarger Reed Valve added to your 2 stroke, we are pleased to inform you that Mossbarger is back! Effective August 10, 1999 Mossbarger Racing Products Inc. of Marysville Ohio sold its Reed Valve Manufacturing business to Mossbarger Racing Products LLC of Berlin, New Jersey. Mossbarger Racing Engines for Karts will continue to operate from Marysville, Ohio. Mossbarger has been serving the Racing Industry since the 1970's and Mossbarger LLC intends to continue the Tradition of Quality Parts that make a Difference. The Berlin, NJ facility will continue with the manufacture and supply of reliable, Power Groove, Reed Valve Assemblies, and associated parts that are used and trusted by weekend riders as well as Racing Teams. Mossbarger LLC is upgrading all existing products to the current model year for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha 2 stroke engines. New Product Development has already begun to include Power Groove Reed Valve Assemblies for Mopeds, Jet Skis', Outboard Engines and Snowmobiles.

For those of you who don't recall that "exhilaration", here is an example of comparative Flow Bench testing for a 250cc;
Suzuki LT250 59.60 CFM
Honda TRX 250R 54.60 CFM
FMF Reed Cage 53.26 CFM
Boysen Rad Valve 64.68 CFM
Mossbarger Power Groove flowed through at 71.40 CFM.

More Flow = More Go !!!

(All tests were performed at 10 inches of water pressure and room ambient temperatures, to best simulate atmospheric conditions).

Application Chart

Mossbarger LLC is currently seeking Dealers and Distributors, especially in the Florida, Texas and California areas. For more information contact us at;

800-891-1615 (Sales)   856-435-0050 (Tech Support)   856-435-0060 Fax.

Email - mrp@cadproinc.com

WEB Site information at www.cadproinc.com and click on "Power Groove Products."